No matter what size or shape, no matter what your strengths or weaknesses are, Yoga will do you some good. Promise.

10 good reasons to start Yoga*

  1. 1.Yoga decreases stress.

  2. 2.Yoga strengthens your muscles.

  3. 3.Yoga makes the body flexible.

  4. 4.Yoga heals through detoxification.

  5. 5.Yoga boosts weight loss (if you want it to).

  6. 6.Yoga prevents diseases.

  7. 7.Yoga strengthens the body’s resistance.

  8. 8.Yoga is fun.

  9. 9.Yoga helps you to connect better with your surroundings.

  10. 10. Yoga rocks.

*There are so many more reasons to do Yoga, believe me! You will find your own reasons to come back to the mat over and over again.


Practice and all is coming.

Sri K. Pattabhi Jois