Here are some

web-pages that rock.

Have a look.

Yoga Holidays Turkey: Host of the first Rock The Mat Yoga Holiday June 2014 and run by a very cool Yogi called Jo.

OneYoga Studio in Chorlton, with fabulous teachers and a lovely big space to celebrate Yoga.

BioticFit is the Crosstraining and Fitness community in Manchester. Pop in for a free class with one of the amazing personal trainers of the Biotic Fit Team!

Hungry, Healthy, Happy: A great page about healthy eating and weightloss. Very inspiring and informative.

Yoga Alliance UK: The people I am registered with and insured by. A company whose goal it is to ensure high quality Yoga.

Hobbytrials: Apart from being a really entertaining and well-written blog to follow, the girls from Hobbytrials wrote an amazing review of a personal with me. Check it out.

Radiantly Alive: Daniel Aaron has created an fantastic teacher training in Bali. Being a part of it was one of the best experiences in my life.

My beautiful Logo is made by the fantastic artist Edwin Verity. Check his page for more awesome Artwork.

Do you think your webpage rocks and deserves being here? Send me an Email and I’ll have a look.