Good reasons to invest in Yoga Personals

Every serious student of Yoga should have personal tuition regularly.

Only then, the Practice can be matched to your personal needs and taste.

In a homely, non-competitive and private environment it is easier to relax into the asanas (postures) and to focus on your own pace.

I will tailor your practice specifically to you, and both, you and I will notice, cherish and celebrate improvements as it would never be possible in a class situation.

Moreover, only in a one-on-one situation can I pay 100% attention to your alignment.  A perfect alignment is absolutely crucial for a safe Yoga practice on the long run.

Even if you treat yourself to a personal only every now and then, it will bring your Yoga practice to a much deeper level. Contact me today for your appointment.


Good reasons to do Yoga classes

Practicing Yoga in a group has massive advantages, too. There is a certain energy that comes from practicing next to other people. We all share the breath and the laughs. It can be very motivating to practice alongside like-minded people.

You can let yourself sink into the group and have a peak what the others are doing when you feel little bit lost, without attracting the attention of the teacher.

And, of course, it is a bit easier on the wallet.

My suggestion is to alternate between practicing in a class, practicing in a one-on-one situation and practicing by yourself and get all the benefits of a rounded, strong Yoga  practice. 

Good reasons to practice on your own

After a while you might want to practice alone, in your home (or in your garden, or in your office, or your local park, or on name it). Once you have a good idea of Yoga and have learned to listen to your body’s needs, it is absolutely advisable to start to develop a very private practice undisturbed by anyone or anything. Classes and Personals are still useful for your motivation and your alignment, I recommend to happily mix between all the options. Whatever you do, make sure you Rock the Mat!