I am making my YouTube videos the way I would like to see them. I hope you like them, too. Please always listen more to your own body than to my voice, and only do postures that agree with you. If in doubt please ask a physician or your nearest Yoga Instructor.

Many of the videos are made in a fashion that you can build a playlist (on YouTube) to have an entire Yoga Practice. You can do each little video on it’s own as well. Generally I do advise to warm up with a couple of sun salutations and to relax in Savasana (Corpse Pose) for a few minutes afterwards.

I am always interested in hearing how you get on. If you like my videos, please press ‘like’ on YouTube, it helps me to going on filming more sequences for you.

These Yoga classes are designed for people who have a basic understanding of Yoga and are of sound health.

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